That’s me, the bearded guy. Not shaving for a few months does that to you.

I last walked a Camino in 2017 and will do it again in 2018. You could say that I am slightly addicted to it. I walk to shed (see: Why Wander?) and spend the rest of the year planning my next one.

Ok, that sounds slightly manic, so let’s qualify: I spend some of my time, whatever is left after life, love, and labor, on thinking about the next Camino.

I work as a clinical neuropsychologist, which is a fancy term for someone who uses medical instruments to check and medication and therapy to help someone’s psyche and who isn’t a psychiatrist. No, I don’t have that much of a beard at work. I left dot.com and the Silicon Valley in 2008 to go back to school, moved to Europe in 2012, and that’s about all that is interesting about me.

You can reach me at mikka@mikka.is if you so desire, or you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and here.

I have a Patreon to collect money to purchase medical supplies for the Camino. My last walk I spent more time fixing up feet and various physical illnesses than I ate tartas de almendras and I freaking¬†love those things. So I figured I’d actually, you know, pack a box of things, keep it replenished (I have a medico card to buy things that ordinary people don’t get in pharmacies in Spain), and just resign to my fate as the Camino Doctor.