This is Ultreia.me, a website as old as my first Camino in 2015. Back then, I'd registered the domain to "do something with it," an endeavor that would rest for five years.

In 2019, SARS-2 forcing every country to close its borders, I realized something: I would not be able to go on my ninth Camino that year (having done multiple a few years). Despondent, I threw myself into "virtual Camino" tours, watched YouTube videos, and re-read my diaries.

That's when this plan formed: publish my diaries from 2016 to 2018. Edit them enough, to turn the events of three years into one, and to obscure names and places. Ascribe some things to others, while fictionalizing my own journey with events that happened to friends or my Camino family.

This is the result of this experiment. It's rough around the edges, as my Camino diaries were, and it's full of sex, drugs, and cafe con leche. Just like the Camino.

The People

... are all inventions of my hyperactive mind. None of the characters is described as they were, I've changed countries of origin, jobs, even lumped some together. Heck, for all we know, none of them ever existed. My lawyer made me write the last sentence. Please don't sue me. 

The Camino

I'm violating my own rules here. The reason I rarely write "Camino Frances" is, that most people consider the Frances "the" Camino. I, personally, don't. But, hey, it's easier to write and 99% of pilgrims and non-pilgrims don't mind.