This is Ultreia.me, a website as old as my first Camino in 2015. Back then, I’d registered the domain to “do something with it,” an endeavor that would rest for five years.

The Story

In its core, Ultreïa is host to a story, the gonzo-style story of a Camino. Born in May of 2020, unhappy that SARS-2 had made it impossible to walk the Camino del Norte that year, I reread my old diaries and decided to, instead of blogging from this year’s Walk, to blog “a” Way. It’s a combination of multiple hikes, the people are real-fictional and so are the events.

The People

… are all inventions of my hyperactive mind. None of the characters is described as they were, I’ve changed countries of origin, jobs, even lumped some together. Heck, for all we know, none of them ever existed. My lawyer made me write the last sentence. Please don’t sue me. 

The Camino

Here, I’m violating my own rules. The reason I rarely write “Camino Frances” is, that most people consider the Frances “the” Camino. I, personally, don’t. But, hey, it’s easier to write and 99% of pilgrims and non-pilgrims don’t mind.

The Book

… will be out soon.

I used to spend way too much time thinking about the Camino. Now I am using some of those brain cycles thinking about, planning, and walking other long-distance hikes. Sometimes I update on a person or place I’ve mentioned in the book. An errata of sorts for a constantly changing world.

The Person

I am Mikka. I am just a medic, working emergency medicine in Munich, Bavaria, and learning to become a better medic educator in Nicosia, Cyprus.

More Good Stuff:

About — a general about page, explaining what’s going on here, and what this “Ultreïa” Story is all about.

Stages of the Camino — a list of all stages, sorted from start to finish.

A Disclaimer — some people are unhappy, that there are sex, drugs, and bedbugs in what they consider a pure and spiritual journey. This is my answer.

Glossary — a list of terms you might encounter here or elsewhere on or about the Camino.

Privacy and GDPR — you know it, you hate it, you gotta have it.