Hi! I am Mikka, I dabble in medical education and health informatics.

Me, as hallucinated by an AI
Me, as hallucinated by an AI

In my spare time, I thru-hike European long distance trails, attend BarCamps, make videos about medicine (in German), and fiddle with quantified health. I also contribute to xDrip4iOS.

I also test consumer health electronics (rings, watches, bands, etc.) against batteries of medical grade equipment.

This self-hosted (11ty based) website uses a “traditional” blog style paradigm for its /blog/ subdirectory, while /about/, /wiki/, #heroesofmed and /camino/ follow a Wiki-like “garden” approach of interlinked pages.

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Ultreia - from vulgar latin “further”, which (together with “suseia”, “higher”) was used as the canonical greeting between pilgrims and pilgrims and locals. One would say “ultreia”, the other would respond “et suseia”. This has changed now, with most pilgrims having adopted the Spanish Tourism Board invented “Buen Camino.”