Stages of the Camino Frances

These are the stages of the Camino as I walked it in 2017. The places are true, the story happened a little differently, names are changed, and character traits exaggerated or muted as needed. Everyone you read about is a living, breathing, human being, though.

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A German word, meaning “really, really, looking forward to something”

Day Thirty-Nine: Cee to Finisterra

We didn’t leave at seven. Or at eight. It was almost nine before Alyssa and Eva emerged, Ginnyclock notwithstanding. Last night’s drinks had taken a

Day Fourty: Finisterra to Muxia

“Bye guys,” Ginny grabbed her backpack and her walking sticks, opened the door and was about to leave, when Inga and Eva tackled her one

An evening on the rocks…

The sun had set, only a few rays remained. Above us, the lighthouse sent its greetings into the distance, and soon we found ourselves the

Home Bound

My things packed, I left the albergue an hour after the girls. Along the still dark houses of Muxia, a light drizzle tickling my skin,