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"Camino" isn't a story about the Camino. It's the story of my Camino. No two are alike, and there is no advice I can give you, except: pack a poncho, watch where you put your glasses, and drink as much cafe con leche and Estrella as you can.

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Camino - A story of Sex, Dust, and Cafe Con Leche

It begins in 2015 and ends in 2020 – a five year journey over the dusty hills, the rolling fields, and the wide open spaces of the Meseta. Collected in diaries, re-read during the SARS-2 days of lockdowns and little hope to walk that year.

Collected, connected, rewritten, and fictionalized, these are my diary entries, five years made into one Camino from St. Jean-Pied-de-Port to the angry sea at Muxia.

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