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I don’t give a fsck about GDPR or Copyright. Take me to the Home Page.

1 I am Mikka. I am just a medic. This is just a page on my website, because I do live and work in some countries that require an online “imprint” of sorts.

The imprint is in English. That’s the lingua franca, and I’ll stick to it.

4 Elsewhere:

Facebook: @medimikka
Instagram: @medimikka
Flickr: @justamedic
Twitter: @medimikka

2 Europe. The part of the world that believes in homeopathy, thinks 5G is dangerous, is scared as all hell of vaccinations, pictures, and website cookies. Everyone fears the dark Internet boogieman.

In such an environment, it’s hard to see the real dangers, life throws at us. Such as, for example, being forced as someone who participates online, to disclose your full name, address, and phone number.

I don’t know about you, but as someone who works with smart people who just happen to be homicidal, that idea doesn’t sound so much fun. But, hey, website cookies are definitely the bigger threat.

3 And this is how you can find me, to kill me and my family and friends. Tell your momma to be proud of you, at least you didn’t embed Google Analytics in your website:

Mikka Luster
1321 Upland Dr.
77043 Houston
United States

phone: +49-0170-666-2061
email: mikka@mikka.is

5 Privacy:

I’m probably selling your data as we speak… NOT. But you do have the right to ask me not to keep it. When you came on this site, you consented to Matomo tracking you (a locally installed “ethical analytics” software). I use Matomo to keep writing good stuff and to push me to do so because I believe in Internet Points love seeing people come to my page.

6 Privacy II, Electric Boogaloo:

Do not Track is respected by all web services I embed. I am sure that you, as a person old enough to read this, are old enough to know how being a responsible human Internet being works.

You may also send me an email at gdpr@mikka.is with all dates and IP addresses you used to access this site, and I will delete them.