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My name is Mikka. If I had to describe myself in one or two words, I’d call myself a techno pilgrim, but that’s just half the story. In another life, the one that makes money, I work at the intersection of medicine and curiosity, making sense of things that are more in need of a detective than a virtuoso.


I practice Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu twice a week respectively. Practice has, for all the right reasons, to take a backseat when I hike, but I try to get 30 minutes of kata work in every morning when I am on the road. Other than that, I don’t do much sport, a little body weight and running aside.


This domain (ultreia.me) is what the youth would call a “link in bio,” meaning it is meant to host changing information that can be linked to from elsewhere. Most of my content is published on other platforms and POSSEd back to me.

Blogging will be scaled down for 2023-2024 while I travel. Since I walk everywhere, there won’t be a computer with me, so those online destinations that work well with a phone are preferred over those that don’t. Meaning you’ll find my photos on Flickr, microblogging in the Fediverse, and videos on Instagram, Flickr, and YouTube respectively.


This site is built on 11ty. CSS processing by LightningCSS[1].


I am[2] available for speaking engagements. If you like what you see, I can be pretty much anywhere in Europe within the time it takes for a train/bus ride there. Note: I do not fly to engagements.

My services are free for academic and non-commercial events. Those are paid for by a generous grant. I would appreciate a coffee, though. Commercial (attendance fees >= 200€) events are billed on a per-event rate, please contact me.

As a rule, I do not speak at events that do not have a Code of Conduct.

A Purpose

The goal of this site is to never be touched. Most contents is auto-generated from eleventyComputed entries strewn about the source code, filled with POSSE’d data and pages pulled from other sources.

My /now page is assembled once a day, other pages may have a cache timeout of six or more days. Health data will be refreshed for 12 hours once I open them to the public.

This site isn’t meant to hold deep insights but as a dashboard of sorts.


Mikka Luster
1321 Upland Dr.
77043 Houston
United States

  1. Because the website design is so amazingly 2005, while the code is 2024 ↩︎

  2. This changes dynamically, based on my current load. Before emailing me, please check this page. Thanks. ↩︎