Day Thirty-Seven: Negreira to Santa Mariña

The hotel drove us back to the bridge the next morning, and we continued our Way towards the ocean. Behind Negreira, we entered a ladscape with rolling hills, each of which had to be climbed and descended. “I thought we’d walk down to the ocean,” Eva complained and Ginny smirked.

They’re already advertising albergues in Fisterra

After a few attempts to keep a conversation going, we gave up and walked in silence, stopping briefly for lunch, and arriving in Santa Mariña in the afternoon. We found an albergue next to a cemetery, checked in, signed up for dinner, and went to sit outside. Still, a real conversation did not happen, each of us in though, and so we spent the afternoon reading, sending messages to loved ones, or dozing in the sun.

Dinner was communal and fun. We met two pilgrims who’d fallen in love at their first Camino and were walking it every year since then, a Dane and a Spanish waitress. Inga and the Dane discussed the finer details of Swedish-Danish animosities, Eva chatted with his Camiga about love on the Camino, Ginny taught Alyssa card tricks, and I went outside for a while, taking in the warm air and the stars, hearing the laughter of my Camino family coming from the inside, and felt a wistful yearning for this never to end.

I went to bed early, the laughter downstairs still ongoing, and fell asleep. I dreamed of the ocean and the stars.