What’s that with those shortnames and email addresses…

So you’re out on the Camino. You happen across someone, you take a picture of them, and you’d like to share it. Well… unless you’re on a data plan, that’ll have to wait for the next Free WiFi. Which is cool… unless they’re “s0c00ld3wd027345” on some obscure social network.

I had this problem a good dozen times on my last Camino, so I decided to do something about it. How about, I thought, if I had a way to just write down a short name (mine is “@jml” for example), and when I get to the next albergue or café, I could pull out my diary, and follow/friend everyone I’d met that day. That way I wouldn’t have to give strangers (nice strangers, but strangers nevertheless) access to my Facebook posts, I could still share images, stay in contact, and wouldn’t have to remember long user or real names.

“Hey, I am ‘jonathan’ on ultreia.me” is much easier (and easier to write down) than “yeah, I have a Facebook account, but… wait, let me just friend you… oh, no Internet…”

And while we’re at it, why not also get a nice “yourname@ultreia.me” email address? Email address assignment is manual at the moment, and open to beta testers and Patreon patrons, because it’s work and it comes with a number of pitfalls. Once ultreia.me is stable and has enough users to warrant the work, we’ll make it a general feature.