FAQ: Your @ultreia.me email address

How do I get one?

The easiest way is to become a Patron on Patreon, let us know (you can edit this in your profile), and your email address will be added within a few hours to days. You could also help us beta test, promote, and expand the site, or you could ask @jml.

If I stop being a patron, do I keep the address?

Yes, absolutely. Email addresses are not something you just toss aside, so once you have it, it’s yours. No questions asked, nothing. As long as there’s an ultreia.me, you’ll have your address. We have ideas and plans in place to keep your email addresses working should, and this isn’t planned, ultreia.me ever close.

Do you filter SPAM?

No, we don’t. We simply forward all email to <yourname>@ultreia.me to your email address on record.

My email address has changed…

Please let us know (message @jml), the automatic changer isn’t fully implemented, yet.

What can and can’t I do with that email address?

You can’t spam with it. You can’t commit crimes or be a douchebag with it. In short, if it’s likely to give ultreia.me or its users a bad name to be associated with that email address, then don’t do it.

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